Food, Water & Energy (FWE SA) own and manage directly or indirectly 60,000 hectares of land in South America and Europe, it produces a variety of arable crops, including soya, wheat, barley, sunflower and maize, and also organic vegetables, for the world markets.


FWE has agricultural teams in South America and Europe, both cultivating its own land, and undertaking contract farming for other landowners. It owns high quality agricultural machinery to achieve both maximum productivity and reliability.

Organic Lamb

Lamb organic meat certified and grown in natural grassland from Patagonia.

We import top quality meat cut selections and we can coordinate special production requirements customized to the client requirements.

About Patagonian Lamb:

"It's unfair, I know, but until you've had Patagonian lamb, you've not eaten lamb at all. Here it is succulent and crisp, somehow still a bit grassy, and whether eaten off the rib or as a great tender shank.. is dangerously moreish." (Source: Patagonia: Acting sheepish: Chris Moss enjoys the stunning scenery of a modern Patagonian ranch - where lamb is on every menu - 2004 -

Fruits juices and pulp

Fruits from the Foot-plains of the Andes mountains. Import of Organic fruit purees available for juice and food production

About Argentine organic food production:

Europe buys 74% of the country organic product exports and the EU has recently extended to 2013 the equivalence scheme for accepting Argentine organic products. (Source: Senasa 2009 - Argentine Food Safety Authority)

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